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welcome all,i've started my blog so everyone can get to know a little of my everyday life.i also added little clips of my upcoming videos,but to see the full videos you have to go to my site www.saraswirls.com.so i hope you enjoy my blog of my slutty,black loving ,cuckoldress lifestyle.im a true black dick loving slut.



June 16, 2010

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ss#74"A real man for a real massage " Bored and deprived Sara and hubby are enjoying a private weekend getaway when Sara feels a little stiffness and soreness in her back. She asks hubby if we would mine gving her a back rub, and hubby is too tired to raise his arm. This behavior of hubbys annoys Sara and she wastes no time in picking up the phone and calling a local massage therapist to provide her with some immediate relief. When the knock on the hotel suite door is heard, Sara jumps out of bed leaving hubby laying there and greets the Masseuse. To her bewilderment he was a strapping powerfully built black gentelmen with a very cool and relaxing demeanor. Sara invites the therapist into the hotel bedroom suite and immediately kicks hubby out of the bed as he lands squarely on the floor! The masseuse gets a chuckle from that manuever and then asks Sara to get comfortable. Sara instructs hubby to go and grab some lotion so the massage can begin. She tells hubby to hurry up with lotion and to never keep a black man wating! Hubby retrieves the lotion and hands it to the masseuse. Hubby then assumes his position right where he is accustomed to by laying right next to the bed. The masseuse begins to give Sara a deep tissue penetrating body rub of which elicits chills and shivers all over Sara's lovely body! It does not take long before Sara decides she will need a little more then a body rub to relax her mind and relieve her stress! The masseuse kindly obliges and gives Sara a slow sensual pleasing while flipping her in multiple postions for maximum enjoyment! Nice close up action,multiple postions and a very thick and sticky creampie is left for hubby at the end of the session!

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