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June 22, 2010

"Natural" defined as...being unprocessed or manufactured using only simple or minimal processes

One thing that is disappointing to see is the misconception many aspiring female adult entertainers seem to have is that it is absolutely necessary to fill themselves with toxic and synthetic materials to enhance there already god given natural beauty!

I am surprised more people don't see the alarming pattern of women who feel like they need artificial silicone enhancements to make themselves more sexy for their perceived male viewers or fans.

I know this is a sore spot for many, and I know that there is a sorority of silicone enhanced females who are uncomfortable with a natural woman making these remarks.

Its almost like there is no longer an appreciation for nature. Like to be appreciated and adored you must have plastic parts. Its really a mental illness that many are in denial of.

I mean what if us women, told every man we encounter that unless he has an ARTIFICIAL plastic or silicone implant in his manhood that he has no sex appeal or is lacking!

I know some guys actually prefer size, and place a heavy premium on breast size and not breast purity.

All I am saying is that real sexiness comes from within, not without. Ladies please don't let society dictate that you need to expose yourself to medical risks,leaks, contamination,scarring,and depression (all documented possibilities) that is associated with these breast augmentation procedures.

We don't want real natural women to be discouraged from feeling sexy because the message being conveyed is that you must have silicone enhancements to garner the attention of men. If you feel you need those to garner attention then maybe you are not attention worthy in the first place.

Can you imagine Goddess Isis, or Goddess Ishtar, descending on planet earth, topless beautiful divine breasts exposed, only to reveal a nasty patch of scar tissue revealing her impurity.

Lets get back to basics, there has never, and will never,ever ever, be a substitute for the real thing.

Thanks for reading!

Goddess Sara

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