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welcome all,i've started my blog so everyone can get to know a little of my everyday life.i also added little clips of my upcoming videos,but to see the full videos you have to go to my site www.saraswirls.com.so i hope you enjoy my blog of my slutty,black loving ,cuckoldress lifestyle.im a true black dick loving slut.



June 22, 2010

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ss#71"Thug Maintenance " For some reason Sara's kitchen sink disposal unit at her condo has broken for the second time in as many years. It is painfully obvious that the only way to get the unit working again is to have a repair man with the proper credentials to come and perfom service. In walks a very strong and powerful maintenance man who is wearing a white tank top and camoflauge pants. This fine black stud with huge bulging ripped arms knows what the problem is and opens up his trusty set of tools to get the unit in proper working order. Once the job is complete Sara thanks him and sees him out. Sara cannot resist calling one of her girlfriends on the phone and describes in vivid detail how sexy the handy man was! After the phone call Sara puts on a slutty outfit and starts masturbating and fantasizing about being ravished by the hung black handyman with the huge bulging arms and huge bulging bulge! Moments later the strapping black handy man returns to give Sara what hungry and deprived wives all over the world are in need of.... a little "THUG MAINTENANCE" There is no way a sexy hot wife like Sara is going to pass up an opportunity like this one to get injected by a strapping manly aggressive and virile black stud who can properly provide the ruggish,thuggish, style of zesty sex that Sara is so accustomed to. Sara spreads her sexy body in numerous positions all around the condo for her black handy man. The Sex is raw ,sweaty, and filled with racy verbal epithets. The kind that make all fans of interracial lust go wild with ecstacy. Oh and for you who are reading this, and you have a wife or girlfriend pouting,moping,or complaining all the time... then please give her what the doctor has prescribed, a little .... THUG MAINTENANCE, and watch her shape up!

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