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welcome all,i've started my blog so everyone can get to know a little of my everyday life.i also added little clips of my upcoming videos,but to see the full videos you have to go to my site www.saraswirls.com.so i hope you enjoy my blog of my slutty,black loving ,cuckoldress lifestyle.im a true black dick loving slut.



June 21, 2011

Daily Free Pic and Write up.. june 20, 2011

Todays free pic write up, features moment from a night out a few years back when I was bored and demanded hubby drive me out to a club where I could meet a sexy black stranger and get him to come home and fuck me like a bad little slut! First a notice this stud checking me out and then I walk up and talk to him. Next he starts feeling my legs right in front of hubby, then he startes dancing with me while hubby is watching. Then he tells me he wants my white pussy and that hubby needs to pay attention and learn how to fuck like a real man...can you guys imagine the nasty sex that I had with this black stranger who started ravaging me in public and later filled my pussy with his strange black seed??

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