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welcome all,i've started my blog so everyone can get to know a little of my everyday life.i also added little clips of my upcoming videos,but to see the full videos you have to go to my site www.saraswirls.com.so i hope you enjoy my blog of my slutty,black loving ,cuckoldress lifestyle.im a true black dick loving slut.



June 23, 2011

Daily Free Pic and Write up.. june 23, 2011

This is a picture from an afternoon of frolicking with two black studs. I would wager that many would assume that my escapades begin and end inside of a bedroom, but as you can see from the picture I love to be fondled and grabbed by my black lovers outside in public. The idea of strolling thru the park and taunting my hubby while he watches real men fondle me is the pleasure I crave and demand. That's what really gets this Goddess wet and frisky, the build up and public foreplay with hubby watching that precedes the raw animal passion unleashed in the bedroom!

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